Carlo Whale, BeeGee – Bipolar Disorder [IS020]

Inner Symphony is excited to release “Bipolar Disorder”, a collaboration between up-and-coming Italian producer Carlo Whale and Turkish-born, Paris-based artist BeeGee. With two beautiful, emotionally captivating tracks plus a special remix by the talented German producer Modeplex, this release captures the tormented narrative of being caught between two worlds and the desire to escape them both.

Powerful title track “Bipolar Disorder” struggles between heavenly aspirations and earthly desires. Its celestial synths and haunting melody dance on the edge of the ether while its deep, at times distorted bass line hints at something more mischievous. Second track “Chiaroscuro” combines a gripping, somber piano melody contrasted by an eerie, distorted synth that buzzes around like a devil lurking in the darkness, calling you to come over. Finally, the Modeplex remix of Bipolar Disorder closes out the single with a driving, more atmospheric remix of the title track.

Full of sublime emotion coupled with deep grooves, all three tracks on “Bipolar Disorder” are destined to become instant ethereal techno classics.


Artist: Carlo Whale, BeeGee
Title: Bipolar Disorder
Cat. No: IS020
Release Date: December 7th, 2018