Alex Rusin – Longing For Home [IS019]

Polish artist Alex Rusin makes his debut on Inner Symphony with “Longing For Home”. A shimmering 3-track EP that showcases his talent for pinpointing a mood.

The EP begins with “Bloom”, a strong opening number that sticks to the path of traditional techno. Synths and piano echo the track’s title as they ebb and flow over a steady bass line, before a pared-back section gives way to a new intensity that makes an enticing introduction to this release.

“Ups & Downs” provides just that. Instantly, Alex Rusin manages to create a feeling of melancholy with only the minimal opening notes. With stunning attention to detail, layers of bass, percussion, and synths combine to build a compelling energy, whilst sustaining the delicate mood of the initial few bar. Surely a stand-out track.

The EP ends with the distinctly uplifting “Longing For Home”. The track builds with each interlude introducing a new melodic element, combining to hint at influences of pop. The track could be more described as ‘easy listening’ due to its major tones, but this doesn’t take away from the mastery of production.

It is impressive to be taken through so many moods on a full-length release. Alex Rusin’s ability to do this over just three tracks is a huge achievement. He’s one to watch, and will surely have a bright future with subsequent releases.


Artist: Alex Rusin
Title: Longing For Home
Cat. No: IS019
Release Date: November 2nd, 2018