Haffenfold – Endless Dreams [IS052]

Canadian Duo, Haffenfold, is welcomed to the Inner Symphony family with a stunning and emotive 2-track EP titled, “Endless Dreams”.

Endless Dreams” is a deep and polyrhythmic piece that pulls you into a state of longing. Its hypnotic rhythm places you in a trance and makes the listener a slave to the groove. The atmospheric, tense and bittersweet vocal holds your heart in suspense only to leave you in a dream of wanting more. The strained vocal motif is continued in the second track titled, “Walking on Glass”. The listeners’ trance is broken as they are thrust into a more traditional gritty groove, accentuated by the elongated texturized bassline and uplifting balearic synthesized horns. The emotional ebb and flow of the EP takes you from a haunting bittersweet trance to a deep gritty ethereal groove.

Endless Dreams”, with its haunting vocals and deep gritty grooves, will surely hold you in a paradox of emotional suspense.


Artist: Haffenfold
Title: Endless Dreams
Cat. No: IS052
Release Date: September 17th, 2021