Clawz SG & Rustboy – Catalyst [IS053]

Clawz SG and Rustboy return to the budding imprint, Inner Symphony, with their sublime collaborative EP, “Catalyst”. The pair of decadent tracks plunge the listener into the depths of their own thoughts, filling them with a vast euphoria and past memories of warm starry skies.

Catalyst” leads the EP and immediately transports you to a vast and mysterious space lit only by its delicate plucky melody. Its full and uplifting atmosphere surrenders to only the terrestrial groove and bassline like vaporizing water molecules. “Sublimation” is the triumphant conclusion of this melodic space voyage. There is a magical familiarity in its soft visceral horns and expressive chord progression. It feels like returning home.

Catalyst” is another masterful journey through sound overflowing with powerful grooves, melancholic ambiance, and intricate ethereal leads. Prepare to be transported to your favourite landscape under the summer nights sky.


Artist: Clawz SG & Rustboy
Title: Catalyst
Cat. No: IS053
Release Date: November 12th, 2021