Anders. – Le Havre [IS029]

Anders. releases Le Havre EP on Inner Symphony, consisting of two incredibly powerful original tracks and one outstanding remix. Luminous soundscapes offer radiating energy, embracing listeners on to a wave of euphoria.

The title track, “Le Havre”, depicts a scene of frenzied activity as synthetic waves begin to rise and fall, carrying excitement alongside subtle hints of melancholy. “St. Etienne”, engages us with its rapturous, bouncing sound palette, reaching into every corner of our imagination. Finally, Carlo Whale, contributes an added layer of warmth in his remix of the original “Le Havre”, welcoming all those seeking comfort on the dance floor.

Across the three tracks, each song permeates the soul, clinching at the exhilaration of finding yourself in a place of belonging. Anders. shows just how masterful he is in conducting the strings of our inner humanity.


Artist: Andres.
Title: Le Havre
Cat. No: IS029
Release Date: August 23rd, 2019


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