Monarke – The Origin [IS031]

Canadian artist Monarke returns to Inner Symphony, this time releasing “The Origin” an enchanting 7-track EP, all of which are original mixes. Liberate your mind & set yourself free with a combination between elevating tunes & deep soundscapes.

Monarke opens the EP with the track “Serene” setting a graceful atmosphere with soothing sound effects; the beginning of a calm yet intense experience. “Petrichor” delivers a sense of sorrow & hope at the same time within a state of tranquility. Next, “Sequoia” is a melange between stimulating and delicate melodies including somber piano chords, releasing a kaleidoscope of emotions. “Arcadian” presents a surge of canorous frequencies, enhancing your imagination from every deep corner of your mind. Monarke takes you on an airy and rhythmic ride with “Appalaches”. “Pastel” resembles the lightning of a storm, with its dark and energetic sound palette whispering in your ears to forget your troubles and just dance. Finally, last but not least, “The Sun Keeper” is a sensational track giving a healing effect, the angelic vocals disconnect you from the material world.

The Origin” pulls you towards an enigmatic mind-trip yet gives you a soothing & liberating sensation, an Ethereal Techno package and solid release by Monarke.


Artist: Monarke
Title: The Origin
Cat. No: IS031
Release Date: October 11th, 2019


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