hakan – Windmill [IS032]

Dutch artist hakan makes his debut on Inner Symphony with “Windmill”. A mesmerizing 2-track EP flaunting his talent for melodramatic tunes. Introducing layers of massive & rapturous synth-notes, prepare to join forces with your higher self.

The first track of the EP starts off with “Rhombus”, a heavy flowing melodic and harmonic track smoothly propelling the listener upwards. “Windmill”, the second and final track, delivers melancholic, dark and striking tunes, uplifting yet dramatic, giving the listener a violent rush and the urge to dance.

Stimulating melodies and intense chords, “Windmill” defines the word ethereal, a distinguished EP by hakan.


Artist: hakan
Title: Windmill
Cat. No: IS032
Release Date: November 15th, 2019


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