Tal Fussman – Koresh [IS025]

New York based Tal Fussman makes his debut on Inner Symphony with “Koresh”, presenting an immense diversity of both emotional tone and technical skill, over only three tracks.

The EP begins with the title track, “Koresh”, immediately demanding a listener’s attention by pairing dynamic percussion over subtle evolving tones. The track ebbs to a point of tension before erupting into a refrain that has the energy of a techno staple with a distinctly melancholy synth hook. The second track, “Circularity” opens up the soundscape to introduce piano underneath an echoing melody. Retaining the same delicacy of mood, this track has a heavier emphasis on percussion, giving more of a sense of steady forward motion. “Binary Star” the final track, then begins with a longer, ethereal introduction, where Tal Fussman makes space to resolve the themes brought up through the EP so far – and suddenly a strong bass kicks in, powering this track to the next level. Many layers combine to give this track a grandeur that leaves the EP on a high.

Tal Fussman shows a confidence and dynamism that implies this will be one of many successful releases.


Artist: Tal Fussman
Title: Koresh
Cat. No: IS025
Release Date: April 5th, 2019


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