Baset – Lustmolch [IS026]

Baset, a young producer from Egypt, presents “Lustmolch”, his first EP on Inner Symphony. It’s a 3-track EP that delivers on all its promises – it’s intense, compelling, detailed, and has an air of mystery that invites multiple listens.

The title track and opener, “Lustmolch”, immediately establishes a melancholy, determined tone. It places the EP in the space between Ethereal and more traditional techno, pairing a powerful bass rhythm with a trance-like melody. Tal Fussman’s remix of the track follows, where it provides a contrast to the simplicity of the original. He introduces a range of subtle variations that utilize the entire soundscape, with details that reveal themselves with each listen. The EP ends with the final track, Höllisch, which again takes us forward to a place of higher intensity. Focused on layers of dynamic bass, the track gradually introduces higher layers, before a finale that overwhelms and then pulls back with masterful control.

The “Lustmolch” EP is a solid release, providing 3 different yet recognizably consistent tracks. While it stays within the boundaries its genre, it shows that there is a lot more to come from Baset as they grow as a producer.


Artist: Baset
Title: Lustmolch
Cat. No: IS026
Release Date: May 3rd, 2019


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