Rustboy & Mashk – Revelation [IS024]

Rustboy & Mashk come together to release ‘Revelation’, a new EP on Inner Symphony. Staying on the lighter side of techno, they use sweeping synths and subtle evolving percussion to convey a deep, focused state of mind.

The first track, “Encounter”, stays true to its title as new sounds ebb and flow out of the soundscape, lingering just long enough to grab attention but not enough to dominate the track. “Revelation” follows, offering a more traditional trance-like side to the EP. Melodies and details are layered over a recurring rhythm, leading the listener further into a labyrinth. “Epiphany”, the final track, begins on a calm note and swells up to a series of hooks that pinpoint a wistful energy. A powerful, melody-driven section gives it a grandeur and sets it apart as a stand-out track.

The EP shows consistency and flow between tracks and offers a unique level of detail that makes them compelling. It’s an enchanting collaboration that shows both producers in an impressive light.


Artist: Rustboy & Mashk
Title: Revelation
Cat. No: IS024
Release Date: March 1st, 2019


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