René Diehl – Feather [IS075]

German artist René Diehl has made an impressive debut on Inner Symphony with his EP, “Feather” This release features two beautiful and emotionally captivating tracks that showcase René’s incredible talent for pinpointing moods and creating a unique soundscape.

The EP opens with the title track, “Feather” which immediately grabs the listener’s attention by pairing dynamic percussion with subtle, evolving tones. This track sets the tone for the rest of the EP and immediately establishes René’s skill as a musician. The second track, “Quartz” is equally impressive and instantly creates a feeling of melancholy with its minimal opening notes. René’s ability to convey a range of emotions with minimal instrumentation is truly remarkable. The layers of bass, percussion, and synths in this track, as well as in the title track, combine to build a compelling energy that keeps the listener engaged throughout the entire EP.

René Diehl’s “Feather” EP is a standout release that showcases his incredible talent as a musician and producer. It’s definitely one to watch and with subsequent releases, we’re sure that he will have a bright future ahead.


Artist: René Diehl
Title: Feather
Cat. No: IS075
Release Date: March 24th, 2023