René Diehl – Liquid Dreams [IS076]

Following his debut on Inner Symphony, René Diehl returns to Inner Symphony with a mesmerizing 2-track EP titled ‘Liquid Dreams’. The release features an original mix and a remix by Soul Button, both of which offer a beautiful and peaceful listening experience.

René Diehl’s original mix takes you on a daydream journey with emotion-triggering melodies woven into a sensational track. Soul Button’s remix takes a groovier approach, bringing more elements to the surface and blending layers to produce an invigorating soundscape.

‘Liquid Dreams’ is a perfect balance of mind and soul, allowing you to escape into an expansive universe of sound and wander through your own imagination.


Artist: René Diehl
Title: Liquid Dreams
Cat. No: IS076
Release Date: April 21st, 2023