Various Artists – Quintessence Vol. 05 [IS068]

Break through label, Inner Symphony, is proud to announce the fifth installment of their coveted release, “Quintessence”. Featuring 8 mesmerizing and spirited original mixes, this album plays host to a primarily new wave of talented up-and- comers and a couple of the label’s heavy hitters. Nothing can prepare you for this entrancing journey.

With its dense atmospheres, rich orchestral leads, and planetary sequences, “Quintessence Vol. 05” turns a new leaf for melodic house and techno music. From the farthest reach of the universe to your home club, be prepared for your mind and spirit to wander and explore the magical cosmos.


Artist: Various Artists
Title: Quintessence Vol. 05
Cat. No: IS068
Release Date: September 5th, 2022