Bigfett – Forever US [IS055]

Inner Symphony is proud to welcome, Brazil native, Bigfett with this majestic single “Forever Us”. Paired masterfully with Rustboy’s deeper interpretation, this 2 track release is a euphoric deliverance.

Forever Us” is an introduction to Bigfett and their proficiency in delicate progressions and heart felt melodies. The strained atmospheres provide a beautiful and heartfelt bedrock in which sparkly and airy leads are inlayed; while splashes of low frequency oscillated pads color the rest of the strata. This seemingly chaotic and tense cacophony is all tamed and grounded by the four on the floor and driving bassline. With some ever so slight but effective adjustments, Rustboy takes a dynamic and tense euphoric moment and masterfully crafts a controlled journey. His rendition of “Forever Us” is a indulgent moment stepping out of the darkness and into the light.

Forever Us” is a spacious and touching composition bursting with uplifting chord progressions and an affectionate release. It is a beautiful example of how Bigfett seems to paint sounds in the clouds like a fall sunset. Be prepared to rekindle a forever love after listening to this one.


Artist: Bigfett
Title: Forever Us
Cat. No: IS055
Release Date: February 4th, 2022