Quintessence, Vol. 02: Remix Edition, Part 1 [IS022]

Inner Symphony is introducing “Quintessence Vol. 2 Remix Edition” – showcasing fresh cuts of the label’s “Quintessence Vol. 2” release earlier this year. Building on the themes of the initial release, the Remix Edition adds new, darker layers and a fresh perspective on the tracks.

The release begins with a Claws SG remix of Ceas’ “Mio”, taking the melodic themes of the original and placing them into a more percussive soundscape. The track ends with a dynamic finale setting the tone of the EP. James Marley’s remix of “Mimas” by Hushkin follows, a steady ethereal track that blends smoothly into the next song – a remix of his own track “Night Walk” done by Rustboy. Here Rustboy takes the contemplative nature of the original track and gives it a softer, more cinematic feel. The fourth track, Hushkin’s “Goliath”, remixed by Soul Button, is a super-smooth cut that can seamlessly ease you into any mood. Soul Button’s own track “Meridian” is then remixed by Alex Rusin, who gives the melancholic original a more ethereal touch. The release closes off with “Odin” by Hells Kitchen & Anders., remixed by Mashk. This detailed track invites multiple listens, and builds steadily, taking the mood from the previous track and pulling us forward to end the release on a contemplative note.

This release is a compelling showcase of some of Inner Symphony’s most dynamic artists, and offers a great complement to the original.


Artist: Various Artists
Title: Quintessence, Vol. 02: Remix Edition, Part 1
Cat. No: IS022
Release Date: January 4th, 2019


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