Clawz SG – Aurora [IS072]

Inner Symphony welcomes back storied member, Clawz SG, with this mystifying 2- track release entitled “Aurora”. These atmospheric wonders will have you dreaming of what is, what was, and what will be.

The title track, “Aurora”, is a melancholic groover. Highlighted by the interplay of the kick and tom, said groove immediately set the pace. The tone however, is set by the delicately emotive LFO pads which play a downtrodden chord progression providing a deep and all encompassing sense of longing. The compliment track, “Cassiopeia”, is equally as delicate and mysterious as its namesake goddess. The bubble-like lead takes centerstage dancing amongst the waves of the wide and all encompassing LFO pads.

Clawz SG’s “Aurora” is a breath of fresh air. Although synthetic in nature, the masterful and delicate sound designs evoke a comprehensive emotional response, from the chord progressions, to the arrangements, to the automations. Through proper curation, music is power.


Artist: Clawz SG
Title: Aurora
Cat. No: IS072
Release Date: January 27th, 2023