Lucio Consolo & Agustín Buaon – Nadir [IS058]

Argentinian natives, Lucio Consolo & Agustín Buaon, proudly make their Inner Symphony debut with their 2- track EP, “Nadir”. These tracks are chalk full of detailed touches and bold gritty grooves. Their soaring melodies will have you riding hypnotic waves that simply stop time.

The title track, “Nadir”, commences with an irregular groove that rapidly gasps the listeners attention. This groove gives way to the swathed ambiances that flow creating mesmerizing clouds passing one’s soul from the first destination to the next. The elegant free- flowing journey continues with “Cenit”. The striated and shimmery pads take prominence here, like smooth water, accurately accentuating the haunting and melancholic lead vocals.

The Inner Symphony family welcomes Lucio Consolo & Agustín Buaon with open arms by way of this polished EP. From the intrepid and detailed grooves to the soul stirring atmosphere and pads prepare yourself to take flight on this unforgettable journey.


Artist: Lucio Consolo & Agustín Buaon
Title: Nadir
Cat. No: IS058
Release Date: May 13th, 2022


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