Haffenfold – Enigma [IS057]

Haffenfold takes center stage with this exquisite release, featuring a proper dancefloor remix by the label head himself, Soul Button. This poignant collection of tracks tells a story of compassion, heartbreak, and triumph. 

The journey commences with “Enigma”. A sympathetic and heart-wrenching track with drenched harrowing leads that dissipate into a stunning atmosphere. A silver-lining amongst an otherwise darkened sky ahead. “Rime of Chaos” continues this pensive but promising tone with its springy lead and emotive chord stabs. Soul Button’s variation on “Rime of Chaos” adds a full duality and percussive tension to the release providing a capstone-like method to the emotional madness.

Haffenfold’s “Enigma” EP is a bittersweet glimpse of comforting horizons on the other side of heartbreak. This collection captures the unfaltering emotion and ubiquitous truth that everything worth achieving is on the other side of fear and suffering. The Enigma of Life.


Artist: Haffenfold
Title: Enigma
Cat. No: IS057
Release Date: April 22nd, 2022