James Marley – Mother [IS039]

James Marley strikes again with a new album, “Mother”, on Inner Symphony.

The 12-track album brings original mixes with a beautiful story to tell. 

Starting off with “Birth”, positive melodies flow all around, welcoming you into a world of love. Next, “Home”, presents a more vibrant soundscape, leading the way into a bright and uplifting trip. “Sorrowful Bliss” hits hard with its mix of melancholic yet hopeful synths, which is the definition of the title. “Morning Smile” comes next with a wider range of positivity; stimulating your senses in every way. “Little by Little” gives a healing effect, disconnecting you from the material world. “Salto Mortale” presents a flow in harmonies, quickly elevating the listener into a higher state of mind. “Pathos” comes next with its enchanting sounds, indulging you in fantasies and fairytales. “Up For Trouble” gives a dramatic and intense vibe transporting you deeper. Next up, “Wheel of Fortune”, presents stimulating palettes pushing you upwards. “Changes”, reveals melancholic yet powerful notes, leading the way into a graceful experience. Last but not least, “Joyful Life”, is richly melodious, giving a peaceful atmosphere to relax and enjoy. Finally, “Amadeo”, distributes graceful energy with some classical elements. 

Mother” is an inspiring release, exhibiting real emotions and a beautiful story. A superb album by James Marley.


Artist: James Marley
Title: Mother
Cat. No: IS039
Release Date: June 5th, 2020


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