Clawz SG – Jewel [IS016]

Hailing from France, Clawz SG, delivers a brand new masterpiece called ‘Jewel’. This magnificent, atmospheric tune comes accompanied by three other discerning versions.

The song couldn’t have a better name as it’s nothing but precious. It all begins with a peaceful piano melody that’s eventually touched by a feminine voice that echoes. Graceful percussive elements gradually come in until the impactful appearance of a striking bassline. All these superb elements combine and evolve together into an emotional catharsis. So beautiful that the label boss, Soul Button, wanted to show his feelings about the song on an impressive reinterpretation which features on the EP, enhancing both the atmosphere and dramatics as he brings it closer to his identity.

Two other names who are seasoned talents on the Inner Symphony crew, also comes on board with delightful versions. It’s a double score from France as both French producers Ceas and Mashk, present their own perception of the original. Ceas adds more consistency to it, giving it more of a dance-floor packing while Mashk makes it even more ambient as he softens the beats and highlights one of its most impressive achievements which is the blissful atmosphere.

Four exquisite works hailing from a primary inspiration glimpse that is indeed a ‘Jewel’ of a song. It is here joined by a few other differently-shaped gems in the same case.


Artist: Clawz SG
Title: Jewel
Cat. No: IS016
Release Date: June 25th, 2018


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