Tenderheart – Divinity [IS014]

Inner Symphony is proud to present Tenderheart, an emerging Ukrainian producer, debuting on the label with his EP titled “Divinity”. This atmospheric EP is a pure reflection of its title, and is compiled from three minimalistic tracks by Tenderheart as well as a Soul Button remix, proving us that beauty is simplicity.

The original track “Divinity” opens the collection. Truly ethereal, it evokes multiple feelings of blissful wonder and long yearned discovery. Its liquid currents of melodies slowly induce the desire to forget oneself in the melancholic invigoration.

Soul Button puts his own spin with a remix of “Divinity”. Its sound is uplifting and dynamic, with his classic melodic mood. Soul Button adds in some playfulness and creates a sense of youthful naiveté.

Third is the original track titled “Purity”. Unlike the first two, it has a slightly moody disposition. Coloured by illusive whispers and glassy echoes, it radiates true energy that is direct and sensual for the listeners to indulge in.

Dancing On Water” is the last track of this captivating EP. As it gains pace, it washes away consciousness from the uncertainties, leaving to enjoy the honest melodies.

Sink into the sound of “Divinity” EP by Tenderheart and open your soul to new horizons with this touching musical treasure.


Artist: Tenderheart
Title: Divinity
Cat. No: IS014
Release Date: April 30th, 2018


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