Talking Machines – Octarine [IS008]

Inner Symphony is back with a new EP from Brazilian artist, Talking Machines. Both tracks takes the listener on an emotional journey through different settings with the help of various sound tools.

With “Octarine”,  worried hypnotic rhythm subordinates the body & mind, preparing the perfect setting on what’s about to take place. Emotions are slowly awakening, as if resisting delicate but desperate call, eventually spilling out in a pure colour of magic.

The second track “Kosmopolita“, takes the listener on a wonderful journey. Imagination is sparked by intruding bright elements. Layers of rhythm become infectious while the energy builds up. Rising echoes fill with joy, until the moment when reflection takes us back to square one.

Talking Machines’ EP is a truly indulging example of complex harmony, emotions and certainly body moving rhythm.


Artist: Talking Machines
Title: Octarine
Cat. No: IS008
Release Date: December 11th, 2017


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