Lumo. – Dadami [IS007]

Join Lumo. on a stunning journey through a tropical wonderland with his new EP out on Inner Symphony, ‘Dadami’, which combines the mobility of a wide range of synths, tinkering melodies and and creative basslines to fashion a one-of-a-kind experience for the listener.

The EP launches from a heightened place with the first track ‘Dadami’, which sets the scene with a colorful array of marimba tunes, propelled forward by a whimsical yet probing motif throughout. The song is reminiscent both of the organic elements of a tropical rainforest and a futuristic feeling of traveling through outer space.

The second track off the EP, ‘Push’ does just that; it furthers the drive and curiosity of the first track into an otherworldly yet reachable realm. The song incorporates all of the instrumental elements of the first track and brings it forward with a lower register of synths and the addition of more innovative elements like the faint echo of a human voice and the ringing of a metallic bell.

The third and final track off this enchanting EP comes in the form of ‘Monte’, which strikes a slightly different tone. Here the plot thickens; the ethereal buoyancy of the first two tracks is transferred into a more determined path through the created universe of Lumo.. The exploration and curiosity of the first two tracks persists as the song progresses and leaves with an extended feeling of intrigue.


Artist: Lumo.
Title: Dadami
Cat. No: IS007
Release Date: November 13th, 2017


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